About Incontinent Kit

The purpose of the Incontinent Kit is to restore the best possible quality of life, as well a sense of dignity to the person you are caring for.

What is the Incontinent Kit?
A method to prevent the mixing of feces and urine by separating them in a catchment system that is clean, protective, quick and easy to use at home or in a nursing home or hospice setting. The platform/bag insert is disposable and replaceable. A used one is removed, changed, disposed of and replaced with a new one in less than two minutes.

Where can one use the Incontinent Kit?
At home or in a Nursing Home.

Who could benefit from using the Incontinent Kit?
For continent or incontinent persons who are bedridden. For caregivers who are now changing diapers and need and want an alternative. For older people who are at home alone where one is the caregiver. For everyone who is tired of changing smelly diapers on adults.

Why should we use the Incontinent Kit over other products?
To prevent the AID (Associated Incontinent Diseases) from contaminating the adjacent body parts and genitalia of male and female persons who are now wearing diapers. To remove the stigma and associated social and psychological impact of adults wearing diapers.

How does the Incontinent Kit work?
The Incontinent Kit is retrofitted to a mattress to accommodate a removable disposable catchment platform system that prevents feces/urine from making contact with human body parts.

Cleanly captures BM and separates urine from mixing and coming in contact with the skin and genitalia of male and females. Quick clean up and removal eliminates odor with proper disposal.

A platform with an attached bag is inserted into the mattress cavity, after use and wipe up it is swiftly and easily slid away for disposal, without moving the supine person. A replacement insert is easily slipped into place for the next event (use). The caregivers guide to incontinence and how to use the Incontinence KIT are copied here.

What it does: later solves the home care dilemma

Why it is of value:

How it is different from any other method

Who can use it? bedridden persons (note-not Patients)