Caregivers Instructions

Caregivers Guide & Instructions

Quick, Easy Insert, Timed Use, Fast Removal, Convenient Disposal

As a caregiver you will want to be able to use the kit we have provided to you for care of the person who is bedfast and incontinent. The Incontinence Kit is designed to assist you in managing the incontinence with ease and care that may prevent some of the problems you may be experiencing. The goal is to prevent bowel and urine mixtures from reaching the body tissues which creates IAD, Incontinence Associated Disease. This is accomplished when the Kit is deployed over the bed mattress and the platform catchment insert is in place for use.

As a caregiver, it is up to you to overcome the following with the person you care for:

  • Loss of Dignity
  • Shame
  • Embarrassment
  • Humiliation
  • Anger

With the use of The Incontinent Kit, you will be able to overcome these issues with ease and comfort. The caregiver and the person receiving care will both experience a renewed quality of life because they are using The Incontinent Kit.

The component parts of the Incontinence Kit include:

  • A Catchment Platform with catchment bag attached as an insert.
  • A set of bed sheets, the bottom fitted one with elastic to stretch tight and has an oval opening that is used for the platform insert. A second bed sheet is the top sheet like a regular bed has.
  • A protective waterproof pad covering with an oval opening aperture is placed over the bottom sheet to keep it clean.
  • Beneath the bottom sheet is the standard mattress pad with and oval opening that permits the bag that is attached to the platform to enter the cavity in the mattress. A protective pad with an aperture may also be used to cover the mattress pad as well.
  • A protective waterproof pad with an attached plastic liner bag for placement over the mattress covers the mattress. The liner prevents any unwanted moisture from entering the mattress cavity. An absorptive gel pad is placed in the bottom of the liner to absorb any possible moisture.

The above description is for a top down assembly. However; your assembly will begin with a new mattress. Each named part of the kit will go in place in a bottom-up sequence.

Assembly of the Kit parts:

This assembly begins with the bottom-up approach starting with the mattress: Each named part of the kit will go in place in a bottom-up sequence.

Begin with a mattress with an oval aperture and an oval cavity in the mattress:

  1. Place a Protective Pad with oval aperture and plastic liner over the mattress.
  2. Place absorptive gel pad in the bottom of the liner.
  3. Cover the mattress with the mattress pad.
  4. Place the protective waterproof pad, with an oval aperture, over the mattress pad.
  5. Put the fitted bottom sheet with an oval aperture on the bed.
  6. Place a protective waterproof pad over the bottom sheet.
  7. Put the top sheet on the bed.
  8. Place the Catchment Platform with attached bag over the oval aperture in the bottom sheet and push the bag through all the oval apertures to the bottom of the mattress cavity. A standard pillow may now be placed on the bed for the comfort of the person.

The final step is to assist the incontinent person to engage the bed in the supine position, lying on the back, in a comfortable position. The position for capture of body waste is to center over the aperture provided in the platform.

Personal bed clothing will require only a top P.J. or open hospital type gown. Any lower covering may be done as the person feels the need.

It is helpful to know when either urine or a bowel movement is likely to occur for the first experience of elimination. Successful elimination is essential for the acceptance and comfort provided to the person. Toilet tissues and cleansing wipes assist in satisfactory results.

Insertion and removal of the Catchment Platform is provided in verbal instructions.