Dr Ron Fair, Inventor of the Incontinent KitThe Incontinent Kit was designed and invented by Dr. Ron Fair. Here he shares his feelings about the Incontinent Kit, and why he created it.

I have undertaken to address the stage in life that so many people find themselves in when they are confronted with the undesirable and depressing state of being bedfast and required to wear adult diapers.

Changing a diaper is such a common event in the everyday life of a baby that we pay no attention to it and do not consider it offensive. However; to have to change a diaper on an adult person, family member, friend or otherwise, creates a socially challenging situation for the bowel compromised person as well as for any caregiver.

Having experienced this situation as a caregiver, it caused me to consider the frequency with which this situation occurs in our modern society. As a result of becoming aware of this societal problem, I have taken steps to seek means to eliminate the common use of diapers for adults. I have invented an alternative to wearing diapers on adults that provides a quick easy way to provide hygienic care for bowel function by separating feces and urine in a single system that mitigates contamination of the legs, bottom and genitalia for both male and female persons.

Further investigation by internet search with meta analysis methods, revealed to me that no other system for resolving fecal/urine contamination of human body parts is commercially available in the market place.

Manufactures of beds for institutional use in nursing homes and the like are readily available for persons who are bedridden. None of them have a modified means to deal with bedridden continent or incontinent persons beyond the use of diapers. The manufactured mattresses that qualify by meeting the legal standards prescribed for safety could be modified to employ the catchment method I have invented. It is my intention to make this invention available for practical use by home caregivers, hospice providers, nursing facilities and any others who are addressing bedridden persons who are now wearing diapers.

I have designed and manufactured a kit to manage fecal/urine incontinence. The Kit is an alternative to wearing and changing diapers on adults. The KIT is for use in the home setting where a care giver, usually a spouse or family member, is providing changes of diapers for a bedridden person. The bedridden may be either male or female.

The care provider may be a Spouse, Family member, Health Care Nurse or Home care Aid or possibly a Hospice provider.

The KIT is also available for use in Institutional settings, i.e. nursing homes, extended care facilities, etc.