How to use Incontinent Kit

Installation and Use of Fecal Management System

The system is comprised of the following:

  • A specially designed mattress with a central cavity.
  • A mattress cover with an opening to fit over the recess in the mattress.
  • A bed sheet with a matching opening.
  • A waterproof mattress pad with matching opening.
  • A catchment system with a plastic bag attached.
  • Clean up toilet tissues and moist wipes
  • A separate receptacle for disposal of the contents.

With the mattress cover and bed sheet placed on the mattress you are now ready to place the catchment insert into the cavity in the mattress. The insert with the plastic bag attached is placed over the oval aperture in the mattress and is fixed in place by the sticky tabs under each corner.

To engage the mattress, the person will sit on the edge of the bed. Rotate into the usual bed position onto the back in the supine position. Place any pillow in a position of comfort under the head. Any further blanket or cover may be placed over the person. A gown with and opening at the back away from the lower body works best. If the person is already in the bed, the insert with plastic bag attached is placed into the oval aperture by simply spreading the legs apart and inserting the catchment insert into the opening. No lifting of moving of the person is required. The person would now be in the proper position to verify that he/she is centered over the aperture in the mattress and catchment insert.

When “nature calls”, it works best with the back of the bed elevated to a near sitting position. The legs should be spread apart to a 45 degree angle toward each side of the foot of the bed.

Three forces are now available to cause a bowel movement to occur:

  1. Involuntary peristaltic muscle contraction–urge
  2. Voluntary muscle contractions you supply–push
  3. Gravity pulling the discharge into the sack–drop

These forces cause the bowel movement to be captured in the plastic bag.

Use toilet tissue to wipe and deposit it into the catchment sack. Use wipes for final clean up. The next step: Simply reach down between the legs and take the fibrous layer of the insert and pull it toward the feet and lift out the insert catchment bag with its contents. Place it in a plastic bag and tie it closed and put it into the disposal receptacle.

Insert a new fresh catchment insert with bag, or lift up the next plastic bag from the continuous roll from the bottom of the recess. If a single fibrous layer with a plastic bag is being used, lift it out and replace it easily with a fresh new insert. The new insert system is now in place for the next use.

Should a mishap occur and feces/urine soil the insert protective bed pad or bedclothes, then the cleanup is more extensive. Gloves and a basin of water would be used for cleaning and a new insert placed into the aperture. The list of clean up items is provided for removal of discharge from genitalia and adjacent body tissues. When completed, application of Barrier Cream Cloths provides Cleansing, Treatment and Protection from (IAD) Incontinent Associated Dermatitis. When finished a new bed pad and insert are put in place for the next use.