March 13, 2013

To Whom it may concern,

During the 45 years of my practice as a family physician in Brighton Colorado it has been my pleasure to share much time with my colleague and close personal friend Dr. Ron Fair. Our families were together in outdoor sporting events as well as enjoying church membership and service to our hospital community. Dr Fair is a retired optometrist who has designed a model for hygienic methods to deal with fecal incontinence. Prior to his retirement he served as a physician on the staff at the Platte Valley Medical Center, our local hospital in Brighton.

During our mutual care of patients we both became aware of the need for humane means to resolve the social stigma associated with fecal incontinence. He and I had the opportunity to care for the same aged friend who became disabled late in life. Both of us assisted his 78 year old wife in managing the frequent diaper changes required in the home care situation. This heightened the effort by Dr Fair in bringing attention to the need for better hygienic methods to deal with incontinence.

The research he has conducted in determining the numbers of persons in nursing homes and hospice settings is extensive. His personal visitations and data collection have identified the need to resolve the present situation that continues to be most unsatisfactory. As a retired physician and friend I can vouch for the honesty and integrity of Dr. Fair. As he pursues the quest for a humane, sanitary, socially acceptable approach to this centuries old unsolved problem, I encourage you to hear his presentation and offer expert advice he may request of you.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Lowell Troester, DO, Family physician retired.